Where Are They Now?

“Where Are They Now?” will feature occasional updates on the individuals and institutions that have appeared in a Call Me “Miss”!  post.

Double-Dipping Duo Depart…

…their senior positions at the University of Minnesota.  Read about Julie Jacko’s and Francois Sainfort’s latest career move here.

Sessoms’ Session Ceases

The board of trustees at the University of the District of Columbia have handed President Allen Sessoms his termination papers. Faithful readers will recall that Sessoms was last called on the board’s carpet nearly two years ago in March, 2011 over a little matter of undocumented expenses totaling in the many thousands.  At the time, the university spokesman valiantly attempted to explain: “In instances where there is no receipt or request for reimbursement – or any other explanation – reimbursement was either not requested, or the documentation does not exist for reasons I cannot explain at this time.”  You can read about the demise of Allen Sessoms’ administration in the Washington Post:

You can read about Sessoms’ profligate spending in the CMM post, “A Rouge’s Round-Up: College Presidents Plunge en masse into Hot Water.”

Crystal Dixon Denied the Right to Speak her Mind: Loses Her Appeal

Former University of Toledo Associate VP for Human Resources Crystal Dixon has lost her appeal for wrongful termination.  The courts have found twice that her rights to free speech were not violated.  You can read the appeals court decision here.  You do not have to agree with it.

The Last of Peter Burnham

Ex-Community College President/Country Club Habitue/Brazen Thief Peter Burnham sentenced to five years in the pen by NJ Superior Court Judge Thomas Scully, who called Burnham’s reign of pilfery at Brookdale Community College, “arrogant and contemptible conduct.”  You can read more here.

Is There a Turd in the UC Davis Punchbowl?

From the November 20, 2012 Sacramento Bee comes news of another University of California academic’s departure:

Dr. Claire Pomeroy, whose seven-year tenure as dean was marked by fiscal growth and innovation but also by medical and ethical controversy, said she will leave the university on June 30, the close of the academic year.

The story continues:

Pomeroy’s departure marks the second time in recent months that the dean of one of the university’s landmark schools has stepped down. In August, the dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, along with the executive associate dean, also resigned.

Longtime dean Neal Van Alfen said in the summer he was leaving the elite agricultural college because Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi had informed him she planned to begin searching for a new dean. His executive associate dean, James MacDonald,   resigned in support of his boss, saying he felt Van Alfen was being pushed out.

Given the multiple “internal probes” taking place on the Davis campus (poking into everything from dead lab mice to dead patients), one wonders if the source of the campus’s bad luck will turn up as the various investigations continue.  Who knows?  Perhaps right now there is someone close to these “probes” who has the answer.

I’d be careful if I were you. Gunrock might’ve dropped a little something in the punchbowl.

Paul Frampton, UNC Professor of Let’s Get Physic(s)al Sprung from Argentine Hoosegow

Professor Frampton now sports some chunky ankle jewelry, but he is once again free to troll the internet for hot models interested in true love. According to the Daily Tar Heel,

Frampton is staying at an old friend’s Buenos Aires apartment as he awaits his upcoming trial, said UNC mathematics professor Mark Williams, who is leading support for Frampton at UNC.

Argentine police arrested Frampton at a Buenos Aires airport in January after two kilograms of cocaine were found in his suitcase….

Now that Frampton is on house arrest, he is able to perform more of his duties, Williams said.

“Paul’s in much better circumstances now,” Williams said. “He can Skype, he has email, he can easily interact with the outside world now.”

Williams said UNC administration, which suspended Frampton’s pay in March, has been notified of the change. He said Frampton has the ability to participate in faculty meetings via Skype or speaker phone….

Williams said the University has no legal basis for suspending Frampton’s pay.

“There is no policy in the entire code that allows administration to put a tenured faculty member on unpaid personal leave against his objection without notice.”

At issue is Section 603 of the UNC system’s code, which outlines standard due processes for discharges or sanctions against tenured faculty.

The code states that a faculty member might be discharged for a “neglect of duty, including sustained failure to meet assigned classes or to perform other significant professional obligations.”

Never let it be said that a little thing like being held by an the authorities in a foreign country on serious drug-related charges is insufficient reason to cut-off a faculty member’s pay.

Professor Frampton is fitted for his bespoke Argentine anklet.

Pilfering President Peter Burnham Brings Down his Chairman of the Board

From the Asbury Park Press.com comes the news of the resignation of one Jacob Elkes, the incumbent chairman during the period when Brookdale Community College (Monmouth County, NJ) President Peter Burnham was on pleasure bent.  As we know, all good things come to an end: Burnham’s financial malfeasance was eventually discovered, and he’s now looking at hard time in the big house. And now Elkes’ tenure as top dog at BCC is ending on a bitter note:

“The past year has been difficult for the college, its students, and its leadership,’’ Elkes said in a resignation letter he read to the board Wednesday night. “It saddens me that complications and controversies within the administration have distracted from Brookdale’s exceptional record of accomplishment and growth….Every decision was made to confront failings where they occurred, ensure a higher standard for the future, and restore the attention of our community to renewal and the education of our students.

“After seventeen years, I find myself taking my leave in a charged local political environment,” he said. “Time will be the ultimate judge of the decisions we made to restore public confidence in this important institution.”

One can only hope that “time” will take into account those 17 years Elkes was either asleep at the switch or looking the other way while his president was looting the college’s funds.

A Quick  Round-Up of Updates

Karen Pletz: Suicide, by massive consumption of alcohol, Xanax, and painkillers.  Read about it here.

Amy Bishop: Trial for her (alleged) multiple murders set for September 10, 2012.

Johnny Edwards: The trial begins!

Inequality of the Sexes

If you’re a woman, and you’re into ripping off your husband’s employer, you can do no better than to head to Poughkeepsie, where justice has been served to both partners in the mom-pop crime wave that embezzled a cool $2.5 million from bastion of transparency and accountability Vassar College. From the January 20, 2012 Poughkeepsie Journal:

Arthur Fisher, 45, of Ossining, Westchester County, was sentenced twice in the past week, first in Dutchess County Court for the thefts from the college and then on weapons charges stemming from illegal guns seized from his home April 1, 2011, when he was arrested for the thefts.

Fisher received a four-to-twelve year sentence for stealing, which he accomplished through phony companies that billed Vassar, and another five years for harboring illegal weapons.

Dutchess County Court Judge Peter M. Forman then went on to sentence Mrs. Fisher to “six months in jail and five years’ probation. She was ordered to pay back $1.9 million she took part in stealing.”

Both Fishers have been order to reimburse Vassar and its insurance company. Do you suppose they will ask for receipts?

One must wonder, though, about the huge discrepancy in their sentences. Fisher does four-to-twelve for $2.5 million, while the Mrs. gets but a paltry six months for her $1.9 million part in the crime. Will Vassar coeds take up Jennifer Fisher’s cause? Equal time for an equal crime? Let’s wait and see!

Practical Ethics

From The Middlebury Campus,The Student Weekly of Middlebury College:

Effective Dec. 31, 2011, Kateri Carmola will resign from her position as Associate Professor of Political Philosophy at the College, and continue as a visiting research scholar on leave through June 30, 2013.

On July 11, Carmola pled “no contest” in the Addison County District Court to charges that she embezzled $4,500 from the Salisbury Historical Society. She served as the organization’s treasurer.

In a statement sent to the Campus, Carmola explained her resignation as a result of the events of the past year.

Though both she and the Salisbury Historical Society maintain there was no criminal intent in her actions, in which she temporarily used the historical society’s money for professional — and reimbursable — travel expenses, she decided not to allow her case to go to trial.

“I did not want to cause further embarrassment to my family, or to the College, by pursuing the matter in court,” she wrote.

Carmola was offered an “18-month deferred sentence” and community service, after which — pending no further offenses — she can have her record expunged.

And after June 30, 2013, she’ll be expunged from Middlebury’s payroll.

Not a Bad Payday, After All

Sister Marie Thornton, late of Iona College (alma mater of songster Don McLean), was sentenced November 8, 2011–according to the Chronicle of Higher Education–to 2000 hours of community service. Last year she pleaded guilty to embezzling $800,000 from the College. With her community-service work schedule, it all works out to approximately $400 per hour. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Who’s Got The Cojones Now, Professor Larkin?

Back in April, UNH Professor of German Edward Larkin declared victory over the university system that sought to remove him from the classroom upon his misdemeanor conviction for exposing himself to a woman and her daughter. Not so fast, said the union to the administration, and the arbitrator agreed, citing the morals clause in the faculty contract, which clearly stated that in order to be fired, a professor’s moral lapse must be of a “grave” order. Larkin’s impromptu parking lot show-and-tell was apparently not grave enough.

However, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education:

The University of New Hampshire announced on [September 20] that it will not let a professor who exposed himself to a mother and her daughter teach or meet with students upon his return from suspension in the spring. Instead, the statement said, the professor’s duties will be limited, during a three-year probationary period, to carrying out independent scholarly work, assisting with the development of online German courses, and aiding the acting chair of his department with administrative duties.

Let’s just hope the “administrative duties” involve a lot of filing, typing…or anything that keeps Larkin’s hands busy and away from the devil’s playground in his pants, while we try not to think about the fact that Larkin retains his job-for-life, cushy academic schedule without the pressure of preparing for class, and, most importantly, his full professor’s salary for doing a secretary’s job. Nice punishment, if you can get it. Maybe the next time UNH sits down at the bargaining table with faculty it’ll remember this disgraceful episode. But I doubt it.

Professor Kinzey’s Home Free…at Least until November 1

Handsome outlaw Professor Steven Kinzey has directed his lawyer to post bond, so although the faculty-member-cum-meth-dealer (allegedly) is still on the lam, he is no longer a wanted man. You can read the latest in this professor-of-the-year saga in the San Bernardino Press-Enterprise.

Professor Gets Lost in Court House Searching for the Men’s Room

Professor Petrov spends his time improving his aim.

Back in February, the Cal State Northridge campus was awash in controversy, when mathematics Professor Tihomir Petrov, pissed off at a departmental colleague, put his angry words into action by taking a whiz on said colleague’s office door.

Today (June 17, 2011) the LA Times reports that Professor Petrov skipped out an a pre-trial conference and now has a $35,000 bench warrant issued against him.

Arvand Naderi, one of Professor P’s two defense attorneys, said even if convicted, the math whiz would be able to petition the court to wipe his record clean:

“(Petrov) is of course concerned that this might affect future employment,” Naderi said. “We’re hoping his reputation will not be tarnished.”


Is that a bar of soap in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?

Porn star Johnny Reid Edwards aka John Edwards, failed presidential candidate, has been indicted on six federal counts, including conspiracy and making false statements. Now all that’s left to wonder is what the name of his reality show will be when he emerges from Club Fed and whether it will feature a reunion with the loathsome Andrew and Cheryl Young.

Revenge of the Popular Kids: Constance McMillen Today

Some stories cry out for a certain kind of happy ending…like the saga of last spring’s belle of the ball teen lesbian Constance McMillen, who parlayed her lack of popularity amongst her Iowa high school peers into an ACLU-supported lawsuit from which she scored $35K in “damages,” and a guest shot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres also presented Constance with a generous check to cover the costs of her first year in college.

Now where did I put the ammo?

With an educational nest egg of $65,000, Constance could thumb her nose at her small-minded classmates and head off to college and a fresh start in a welcoming environment.

So which college did Constance choose? With money no object–at least in year one–she had the whole panoply of American higher education spread out before like a midnight buffet.

Well, actually, she’s living at home in an untidy bedroom. Apparently still fixated on the prom, she sports a tiara as daywear. College? Not for Connie. According to “Washington, D.C.’s Gay and Lesbian News Magazine,” Metro Weekly, “McMillen will continue living her life in Fulton, at least till her girlfriend graduates in 2012.”

Amy Bishop

Professor Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop, who brought terror in the form of a 9mm Ruger, sits in a jailhouse in Alabama, awaiting trial for the deaths and injuries she caused in her murderous rampage through the Biology Department at the University of Alabama, Huntsville.  She also also been charged by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the shotgun murder of her brother some twenty years ago.  For a gripping update and retrospective of Amy Bishop’s life of crime, you can do no better than to read The Fury by Amy Wallace in the March 2011 issue of Wired Magazine Call Me “Miss”! posted three stories about Bishop in February, 2010.  They, too, are worth a second look.

8 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?

      • This incident is very uunrotfnate and it doesn t seem as though the school district has come up with any reasonable justification for their actions. It makes sense because I can t think of any justifications other than blatant discrimination. This town is in the south in an area that is probably less welcoming of homosexuality than many other areas of the country. The school district may also be under a heavy influence of the community which may be comprised of many older, more traditional residents. Prom is a very traditional event and certainly many people don t want to see such changes in it. Cancelling the prom seems rather drastic and I m not sure what advantage it had instead of just excluding the couple because they were in violation of the policy. This greatly upset many of the other students. In another article on the issue one girl told McMillen that She ruined her senior year. I have studied several court cases in which school districts violated students rights because it interfered with the mission of the school or was determined to be dangerous. In many cases the school district won but I don t see the legitimate cause they have here. The school board stated that they wouldn t be hosting the event “due to the distractions to the educational process caused by recent events.” I don t know what distractions to the educational process can be caused by allowing a homosexual couple to attend prom. The schools board s attorney also released this statement regarding the cancellation of the event. At this time, we feel that it is in the best interest of the Itawamba County School District, after taking into consideration the education, safety and well being of our students.” Now I m certain that a homosexual couple doesn t pose any threat to the safety and well being of the school s students. These statements released by the school seem like general educational mission bull shit excuses that don t even directly address the issue. The community probably supports the school but now that it is being challenged, the district can t explain its discrimination to national media. I think the ACLU has a good case here because the school has not been true to their legal obligation to treat all students equally, especially when there is no possible harm or danger imposed under the circumstances. There is more evidence which shows that the community supports the school district because the school board expects the private citizens to organize an event for the students. If that were to happen, the organizers could impose any regulations they please and homosexual couples would most likely be excluded. I think this incident is the result of a traditional community whose unspoken disapproval of homosexuality went unchallenged until now. Now they must attempt to mask their discrimination with some kind of vague school mission justification but I think the ACLU will tear them apart.

  1. Visiting this blog after more than a year since that McMillen prom hoopla…and what do I see:
    A photo of a fatter McMillen and her tuxedo so smartly accessorized by a tiara. And all that in such a terribly messy room. Maybe Constance didn’t have time for a (bi-) yearly cleaning, what with all these presidential audiences, parade marshalling and plans on attending and spoiling more prom nights of complete strangers.
    On the other hand, she is probably waiting to spoil yet another prom night at the Itawamba High, this time that of her girlfriend.
    I certainly do not envy the school administrators.

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