Fatsos Need Not Apply: Professor Geoffrey Miller Likes His Students Slim ‘n Trim

University of New Mexico social psychology professor Geoffrey F. Miller researches and writes on such fascinating topics as: The positive correlation of intelligence and semen quality; Women who prefer longer penises are more likely to have vaginal orgasms (but not clitoral orgasms), and Ovulatory cycle effects on tip earnings by waitresses in family restaurants. Lately […]

A “Chronicle of Higher Education” Expose! Kinky Sex and the English (of course) Professor!

I could retell the story of Associate Professor Lisa Chavez, the English Department’s resident dominatrix at the University of New Mexico. It’s the tale of a poor creative writing teacher who, post-divorce, turns to phone sex to raise quick cash for the mortgage payment. Phone sex soon turns to sadomasochistic photo shoots with lowly graduate […]