Will your Valentine be Unbearable?

  So my sister, who is “mother” to my nephew’s second-grade class, just finished baking, decorating, and glassine-wrapping enough heart-shaped cookies so that all the little tiny terrors in Ms. Wilson’s room will receive a Valentine that provides, according to sis, “enough sugar to last them the weekend.” Twenty-seven sets of parents are sending bad […]

The War On Women Has Just Begun: Ladies, Hide Your Purses

I’m a woman and I’m from Massachusetts. I voted for Romney and Brown. Both lost and supposedly their attitudes towards women had something to do with it. Let me tell you why this woman disagrees: 1) As a woman I take sole, personal responsibility for my body. I do not have sex without birth control. […]

With Friends Like These: Edley and Dowd Throw Kagan Under the Bus

What a brutal week Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has had. In a Washington Post op-ed Berkeley Dean Christopher Edley uses her to front an incoherent apologia on behalf of academic “elites.” Dean Edley’s essay, a gloating reminder of just how much power certain admissions officers wield, does nothing to enhance Miss Kagan’s chances for […]

All that Glisters is not Gold Floor

For the last several years during Christmas week I have been spending a few nights at the Copley Plaza in Boston, the hotel that once billed itself as “Boston’s Grande Dame.” Specifically, I hole up on its “Gold Floor,” which, according to the introductory patter of the desk clerks, is “patterned after a fine home […]

I’m a Believer

Have you noticed the growing number of comparisons between religion and environmentalism? This analogy seems to have sprouted legs, and is scampering its way across the punditsphere. For a definitive and perhaps seminal read on the subject, check out Michael Crichton’s 2003 speech to the Commonwealth Club, in which he elaborates with astonishing clarity the […]

Maybe Crashing Is the Answer

A friend of mine asked me why I hadn’t written about the Salahis, America’s newest fun couple, and I replied that just like Michaele Salahi’s midriff, the topic had been overexposed. And besides, as someone pathologically allergic to parties of any kind, the thought that anyone anywhere anytime would voluntarily seek entry to a gathering […]

Get to the Back of the Line and Open Your Wallet

I’ve been thinking about the ongoing national debate about health insurance and trying to frame my thoughts from the perspective of a single woman in keeping with the mission of “Call Me Miss.” Twenty years ago, the college where I worked paid for my health insurance.  All of it.  In fact, all eligible employees who […]