A Brief Meditation on Why It’s So Difficult to Respect Professors

Miss is looking anxiously to the skies, waiting for darkness to come at an earlier hour than 8PM, for the dusky firmament will signal a return to the classroom and the wayward ways of the academy. Until then, she’s had to satisfy her urge to erupt in sputtering indignation by reading op-eds from the stray […]

Guilt Fatigue: Why the Zimmerman-Martin Case is a Man-Bites-Dog Story

If it weren’t summer, college campuses across this great land of ours would be chockablock with “Justice for Trayvon”™ teach-ins, vigils, bake sales and the like. Leave it to the denizens of Collegetown, USA, though, to ignore the triple-digit heat index and fan the flames of racial discord by organizing “Social Justice and Trayvon Martin™: […]