Profiles in Racism: How Comments in The New York Times Reveal Their Writers’ Ugly Thoughts

Way back in the 1980’s I held a tea party. I broke out the Limoges, I tracked down watercress—no easy trick in 1985—for fancy sandwiches, and I spent hours baking the requisite tiny pastries. As it happens, the guest list was all female, friends and colleagues. The centerpiece of the menu was a lethal brew […]

Civility and Hypocrisy Don’t Mix

Michael Steele, head of the Republican party, is in hot water because he refused to sign on to a civility pledge cooked up by Democrats. Good for you, Mr. Steele. Regardless of your motive or your reasoning for refusing to lend your party’s imprimatur to farcical, feel-good hypocrisy, your stand is laudable. For months now, […]