Not My Choice: Massachusetts’ Failed Health Insurance Fiasco

The sooner the evil Republicans kill Obamacare, the better. And by “kill” I mean obliterate, smash to smithereens, crush the life out of, grind into dust. Do I make my self clear? I’m one of those poor unfortunates who fall into the category the likes of Jonathan Gruber and various “lawmakers” call “there’s not enough […]

Professor Melissa Harris-Perry Explains How Going from Bad to Worse Equals Racism. Sort of.

There is nothing like a good double-take to get the weekend off to a great start. And so it was on Saturday morning as I clicked from Real Clear Politics to “Black President, Double Standard: Why White Liberals Are Abandoning Obama,” an essay appearing in the October 10, 2011 edition of The Nation. The essay […]

Paul Krugman, Jimmy Hoffa, Barack Obama: Paragons of Cultural Decline?

Much ink has been spilled over the last few weeks about Junior (“Take Them Out”) Hoffa’s death threat to those of the Republican persuasion. That it comes as a surprise to anyone that a union goon should talk like a union goon is as baffling to as it is unsurprising that President Obama, with his […]

Standard & Poor’s Recalculates Obama’s Grade Point Average

So Standard & Poor’s has downgraded our bond rating from AAA to AA+. In the language of academics this means that the US’s GPA has dropped from 4.0 to 3.98, still worthy of summa cum laude but no longer the best of the best—and a bitter pill to swallow for the smartest kid in the […]

Oh Captain, My Captain…Our Fearful Trip is Just Beginning

While the waves lapping against Louisiana’s shoreline bring with them sticky tar balls, the nation’s airwaves are also thick with the sludge of claims and counterclaims about the president’s response to the disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. All that leaking crude has ignited a firestorm of ugly accusations and addled rhetoric. This […]

A Pessimist Recoils from the Glare of Brilliance

“When it comes to foreign policy, Obama’s accomplishment has been less tangible but hardly less significant: He has put America on a new footing with the rest of the world. In a series of foreign trips and speeches, which critics deride as trips and speeches, he replaced George W. Bush’s unilateral, moralistic militarism with an […]