Listen Up, Tucker Carlson: Put the Blame for Intellectual Genocide Where it Belongs

Note: An earlier version of this essay appeared on the American Thinker website. Recently sixteen faculty members from three of our most distinguished universities—Harvard, Princeton, and Yale—wrote an open letter to the Class of 2021. The letter, short and to the point, advises freshmen to eschew “fashionable opinions” and to think for themselves. Scrupulously devoid […]

DUI*: The Karen Pletz Edition of “Where Are They Now?”

*Dying Under Indictment It isn’t often that a column by Nicolas Kristof gets me thinking; usually his mealy-mouthed half-truths just make me mad. His Thanksgiving column, “Are We Getting Nicer?”, prompted me to return to a question about Call Me Miss that I have been pondering ever since I learned of the death of disgraced […]

Oh, For God’s Sake Nicholas Kristof, Shut Up!

The other day New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote about a recent Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life report concerning the level of knowledge Americans possess about the world’s great religions. As you might guess, we’re not, as a people, terribly well-schooled in the Talmud, or well-versed in the Bible, or able to […]

Profiles in Academic Courage and Class: Robert Paul Wolff

I have been following the kerfuffle surrounding a recent blog post by The New Republic editor-in-chief Martin Peretz and the consternation it has caused within academic circles with amused interest.  The timing of this dust-up could not be more exquisite, for Peretz is about to be honored by Harvard, his alma mater and employer.  Marty, […]

Abusing History Can Be Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

Just ask Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. He writes, magnanimously and patronizingly, that most of those who oppose building an Islamic center and mosque in a building damaged in the attacks of 9/11 aren’t “bigots”; they’re merely ‘fraidy cats in the long tradition of “patriots [who fear] that newcomers don’t share their values, […]