Where Credit Is Due: Middlebury Alumni Stand Up for Free Speech

One of my go-to websites is RealClearPolitics; every day its compilation of editorials, op-eds and longer polemics contains a raft of worthy articles. If you’re not checking it out, you should be. Case in point. On May 30 RCP published Richard Cohen’s meditation on the punishments Middlebury meted out to the anti-free speech bullies it […]

Case Closed: Middlebury Puts the Past Behind

Miss emerging from her safe space. Miss has emerged from her safe space, at least temporarily, to remark upon the denouement of the free-speech melodrama played out earlier this spring on the campus of Middlebury College in snow-flakey Vermont. The college has just released a report on the riotous antics of its students and “outside […]

Laurie Essig: I’m a Professor and a Prevaricator

Call the EPA! There’s something polluting the water of Otter Creek, and it’s affecting the behavior of Middlebury College’s faculty. The evidence is indisputable: first ethics expert Kateri Carmola is busted for embezzlement; next professor of sociology and women’s and gender studies Laurie Essig boldly ventures into the realm of political commentary, a field she […]

It Takes One to Know One: Professor Carmola’s Ethical Lapses

UPDATE: Addison Criminal Division ============== 05/09/11 State vs. Carmola, Kateri 51-1-11 Ancr/Criminal Nancy S. Corsones Plea Conference As I believe I have mentioned a time or two, one of the most endearing characteristics typical of college faculty members is their utter lack of a sense of irony. When you put that together with their finely […]