Mrs. Obama’s Diary: Can a Girl Have Two Best Friends?

Dear Diary, I am so confused. All of a sudden Barack doesn’t like my BFFs. Me on September 21 with my best friends. Me on September 29 trying to target some new friends. I don’t know what to do. I didn’t find any new BFF at that store Barack made me go to. I was […]

Michelle Obama: Style Savior?

Like many other women, I have followed Michelle Obama’s fashion choices with great interest. When the First Lady gets it right, as she so often does, her look is spectacular. And when she gets it wrong, she goes beyond a mere Glamour “don’t” and ventures into “don’t even think about it, ever” territory. But fashion […]

Seizing Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

I seem to be paying more attention to the New York Times lately. Hard to say why, save for the fodder it provides this blog. On Monday, October 5, Paul Krugman used the occasion of the Olympics Committee’s rejecting Chicago as a site for the games to spew a little vitriol at talk meisters, the […]