Hiring Faculty: Diverse Candidates Need Not Apply

There’s an annoying slide show on Boston.com, the free online edition of the Boston Globe. Its headline pretty much tells the whole story: “Harvard Graduates in Congress.”  The brief text crows that eight more Harvard-affiliated men and women were elected to the House and Senate last month, a veritable crimson tsunami that has brought the […]

Catch of the Day: Elizabeth Warren Reels in Support from a Bottom Feeder

Today Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown happily added endorsements from the State Police Association of Massachusetts, Maine Senator Susan Collins, and former Massachusetts Governor Paul Celluci to his already robust list of supporters from both sides of the aisle. His opponent in the upcoming election, Elizabeth Warren, who has an impressive list of endorsements of her […]

The End of the (Land) Line: Another Call from Elizabeth Warren

One of the great benefits of working away from home is that you’re not there when the phone rings. I suppose there might be a few obsessives who use call forwarding so as not to miss a single exciting call. My philosophy is: if you don’t know me well enough to know when I am […]

Do as I Say, While I Do What I Want: Hypocrisy in the Land of Caps, Gowns, and Headdresses, Part I

Faithful readers of CMM know one topic that gives Miss endless delight—and blog fodder—is the double standards college and university faculty use, usually to benchmark their worth against the drones who do staff work on their campuses, but sometimes simply when the Great Spirit moves them. The news brings such a bumper crop of stories […]

Did She Leave the Campaign in a Huff?

One overlooked aspect of Scott Brown’s campaign strategy is the absence of his wife—Gail Huff, a general assignment reporter for Boston’s WCVB-TV, an ABC affiliate—on the campaign trail. While the primary motivation may have been avoiding potential conflicts of interest arising from her job, the fact that Brown did not use the little woman as […]

Vote for Scott Brown

A number of years ago a fight erupted on Beacon Hill, the seat of all Massachusetts politics. The brawl was between Governor Michael Dukakis (D) and the entire bicameral legislature, led in the House by Speaker George Keverian (D). Although fisticuffs did not ensue, in the mature manner which the art of politics is practiced […]