Hands-On Professor Handed His Sentence: Drago’s on Probation

Breaking news from The Chronicle of Higher Education for “Where Are They Now?”: Scholar Known for His Studies of Women in the Work Force Is Convicted of Sexual Abuse By Robin Wilson Robert W. Drago—a prominent scholar of issues affecting women in the work force­, including academe—was convicted of misdemeanor sexual abuse of a minor […]

Keep Your Stinking Feminist Paws OFF MY DAUGHTER! Robert Drago’s Hands-on Lesson

First there was the voyeur; then there was the exhibitionist. Now comes the esteemed academic who’s been arrested for “misdemeanor sexual abuse and misdemeanor sexual abuse of a minor.” The perp is Robert Drago, late of Pennsylvania State University at University Park, now also the late research director at a Washington think-tank. In the good […]