This is Getting Serious, Folks! Vassar’s Short $1.9 Million–More Academic Embezzlers Out on Bond!

Every year about this time, the competition within the academic world revs into high gear.  High school seniors are frantic to know if they made the cut at their first-choice institution. Admissions officers are holding their collective breath in the hopes that their offers of admission will yield the perfect class: students whose parents can […]

Move Over Kateri, There’s a New Queen of Embezzlement in Town…

…and she makes you look like the small-time petty thief that you are.  All you faculty-wannabes out there who aspire to a career in higher education take note. If your career path includes embezzlement, you’d do well to consider the shining example of banker-turned-academic Karen Pletz. From the March 31 Kansas City Star: former president […]

It Takes One to Know One: Professor Carmola’s Ethical Lapses

UPDATE: Addison Criminal Division ============== 05/09/11 State vs. Carmola, Kateri 51-1-11 Ancr/Criminal Nancy S. Corsones Plea Conference As I believe I have mentioned a time or two, one of the most endearing characteristics typical of college faculty members is their utter lack of a sense of irony. When you put that together with their finely […]