Listen Up, Tucker Carlson: Put the Blame for Intellectual Genocide Where it Belongs

Note: An earlier version of this essay appeared on the American Thinker website. Recently sixteen faculty members from three of our most distinguished universities—Harvard, Princeton, and Yale—wrote an open letter to the Class of 2021. The letter, short and to the point, advises freshmen to eschew “fashionable opinions” and to think for themselves. Scrupulously devoid […]

Bite the Bullet: Dartmouth and the Diversity Trainer

Last week there was a dust-up at Dartmouth College. During accepted students’ day, the Ivy with the biggest inferiority complex had its “Dimensions Welcome Show” disrupted by a group of current students whose urgent message required that their voices be heard. Explains one of the messengers: Attempting to engage in a real conversation about the […]