Inside the Ivory Tower, Where the Wild Things Are

Fess up. Just like me, you’ve been spending lazy summer afternoons pondering the question of the moment: why can’t higher education get no respect? Put another way, why have U.S. college and university campuses become the collective laughingstock of thinking people everywhere? Look no further that today’s home page of Inside Higher Education, an on-line […]

Cis, Boom, Balderdash: Physicists Go Nuclear for Diversity

If, like me, you are of an age that your notion of a scientist was formed by watching Fred McMurray portray Dr. Ned Brainard of Medfield College in the 1961 cinematic classic The Absent-Minded Professor, then you might also share my slack-jawed reaction to the newest professional organization for physicists. The organization, LGBTIQQAP+ Physicists, was […]

I Said “Yes” and I Meant “Yes,” but Dean Boyd Told Me It’s Not What I Meant. I’m Confused.

When classes end for the summer, staff who have been officebound for the grueling 28 weeks that constitute an academic year are allowed out into the blinding sunshine of summer. While some repair to the beach or the mountains, others take advantage of the subsidized opportunity conferences provide to visit a new city or resort […]

Hey, Professor, Can Ya Spare a Job?

A blogger for Inside Higher Education has written a sad tale of her year-long quest for a tenure-track position in a college or university English department.  Needless to say–at least to those familiar with the hiring situation for faculty wannabes–hers was a fruitless search. She did not get a single job offer, and, she says, […]

Should the Nanny State Intervene to Fix Commencement?

Remember the “African proverb,” “it takes a village to raise a child,” Hillary Clinton borrowed for a book title? One would think this month that the village wise men and women would be out in force to congratulate the children they have nurtured with their tutelage. One would think. But one would be wrong. My […]

Move Over, Amy Bishop: It’s STILL All About Process

Shush…be quiet…listen carefully: those mewling sounds you hear ever so faintly are urgent cris du coeur on behalf of former University of Virginia student George Huguely from academics worried about his right to “due process” from the university. This would be the same George Huguely who has withdrawn from the University of Virginia and therefore […]