Inside the Ivory Tower, Where the Wild Things Are

Fess up. Just like me, you’ve been spending lazy summer afternoons pondering the question of the moment: why can’t higher education get no respect? Put another way, why have U.S. college and university campuses become the collective laughingstock of thinking people everywhere? Look no further that today’s home page of Inside Higher Education, an on-line […]

Not My Choice: Massachusetts’ Failed Health Insurance Fiasco

The sooner the evil Republicans kill Obamacare, the better. And by “kill” I mean obliterate, smash to smithereens, crush the life out of, grind into dust. Do I make my self clear? I’m one of those poor unfortunates who fall into the category the likes of Jonathan Gruber and various “lawmakers” call “there’s not enough […]

Family Guy Values

Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, was profiled by Deborah Solomon in the September 13 New York Times Magazine.  MacFarlane’s smart-ass answers to Solomon’s fatuous questions were something of a tour de force, and they got me thinking, yet again, why a spinster of a certain age, snobbish about many things, conservative/libertarian in her politics […]