More Fun with Microaggression

It’s the first of the year, and everything old is new again. Remember Seinfeld, the show about nothing? The updated version of the Seinfeld conceit, Microaggression, is being serialized on college campuses everywhere. If you are unsure of the premise–something about nothing–let one of the rising stars of Microaggression explain. Felicia Harris blogs for The […]

Pardun Me! Academic Administrator Takes Arms Against a Sea of Troubles

A little over a month ago, the director of the school of journalism at the University of South Carolina, Carol J. Pardun, announced in The Chronicle of Higher Education that she was walking away from her administrative responsibilities in order to “resurrect [her] scholarly life as a tenured professor.” Don’t get Pardun wrong; hers appears […]

Carbon Footprints in the Snow: Unity College Takes on the Oil Companies. Sorta.

January in Collegetown, USA is bleak: if it’s not bone-chillingly cold, it’s overcast and foggy.  The days are short and the nights are long, and last week I spent $750 for one hundred or so gallons of oil to heat my home. So I read with interest in this morning’s update from the Chronicle of […]

A “Chronicle of Higher Education” Expose! Kinky Sex and the English (of course) Professor!

I could retell the story of Associate Professor Lisa Chavez, the English Department’s resident dominatrix at the University of New Mexico. It’s the tale of a poor creative writing teacher who, post-divorce, turns to phone sex to raise quick cash for the mortgage payment. Phone sex soon turns to sadomasochistic photo shoots with lowly graduate […]

You Have to Read It to Believe It

When a college professor goes on a shooting rampage, it’s big news in the world of higher education. The following excerpt is from The Chronicle of Higher Education Newsletter: Last updated February 13, 9:39 p.m., U.S. Eastern time More Coverage: Twitter: Live Updates From Huntsville | Forum: Personnel Policies and Workplace Violence | From the […]