Lady Professor Puts the “Con” in “Connecticut”

Funny thing about English professors. They spend a lifetime explaining to their students about “perception” and “reality.” It’s easy to understand why they do: literary masterpieces through the ages have been built on the premise that things are not always what they seem. So Minatu Roychoudhuri, an associate professor at Capital Community College (Hartford, CT), […]

Oberlin College: A Study in Academic Tromp l’Oeil

Those awful racists that  breed like rabbits on liberal arts campuses are at it again: Classes at Oberlin College were canceled on Monday after a series of “hate-related incidents” on campus, the school announced on its website. Officials say the latest problem occurred Monday morning near the African Heritage House, where a person wearing a […]

Harry Reid: Don’t Get Me Started

Over the last thirty-six hours or so I have watched the unfolding story about Harry Reid’s “racist” comments with great interest, and greater sense of nostalgia for the campus where I spent so many years. Even though I am not there now, I can tell you with complete confidence what the on-the-ground reaction is: while […]