A President Responds to the Crisis in the Golf

Dear Mr. President: It’s spelled with and “U” not an “O.” G-U-L-F not G-O-L-F. Have you no shame? PS: You might also want to remind your Chief of Flatulence Rahm Emanuel 1) that if he wants to give advice about PR, perhaps he should look first to the 18th hole instead of the Isle of […]

Oh Captain, My Captain…Our Fearful Trip is Just Beginning

While the waves lapping against Louisiana’s shoreline bring with them sticky tar balls, the nation’s airwaves are also thick with the sludge of claims and counterclaims about the president’s response to the disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. All that leaking crude has ignited a firestorm of ugly accusations and addled rhetoric. This […]

Did I Say “James Cameron”? I Meant “Clive Cussler.”

On Tuesday the Environmental Protection Agency issued a nationwide call for experts in a wide variety of fields to put their heads together and help solve the ongoing crisis in the Gulf of Mexico: More than 20 scientists, engineers and technical experts attended the meeting, which also included representatives of the Energy Department, Coast Guard […]

Father Knows Best: When You’re Losing the Audience, Unleash the Kids and Pups

Even though the BP oil spill has cast a dark cloud of terrible catastrophe over the Gulf of Mexico, it’s not without its silver lining. I’ve taken enormous delight giggling as I read the faux critiques of President Obama’s insipid reaction to the spill. Dana Millbank, Maureen Dowd, Thomas Friedman, David Broder are all on […]