Murder Prof Amy Bishop Now Sane…Changes Plea from “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” to GUILTY!

Dr. Amy Bishop, the Harvard-trained PhD who attempted to slaughter her University of Alabama colleagues as they sat in a 2010 department meeting, has plead “guilty” to one count of capital murder and assorted attempted-murder charges. Like her fellow Harvard alum, Dr. Ted Kazcynski, she’ll spend the rest of her life in jail. I am […]

Amy Bishop: I Don’t Remember. I Might Be Sorry. Do I Still Have a Job?

The comments attributed to Murder Prof. Amy Bishop in the aftermath of her rebuttal to her negative tenure decision read like a Letterman top-ten list. When handcuffed and shoved into a police car last Friday, she calmly told a reporter that her murder spree “didn’t happen. There’s no way. They’re still alive.” Then, after she’d […]

The Frightening Similarities of Amy Bishop and Nidal Hasan

I can’t get the comparison of Assistant Professor Amy Bishop and Major Nidal Hasan out of my mind. The superficial similarities are all there: two highly educated professionals, both described as “oddball,” finding themselves in a place they never wanted to be. In Bishop’s case, that place was the purgatory of the terminal year post-tenure […]