ACE: Where “Inclusive Excellence” is an Oxymoron

A press announcement from the American Council on Education (ACE) trumpets the release of The Education Gap: Understanding African American and Hispanic Attainment Disparities in Higher Education, yet another entry in the endless stream of apologias explaining away the overall poor performance of the eponymous minority groups.  Before plunging into the slough of despond The […]

Do as I Say, While I Do What I Want: Hypocrisy in the Land of Caps, Gowns, and Headdresses, Part I

Faithful readers of CMM know one topic that gives Miss endless delight—and blog fodder—is the double standards college and university faculty use, usually to benchmark their worth against the drones who do staff work on their campuses, but sometimes simply when the Great Spirit moves them. The news brings such a bumper crop of stories […]