More Angst from the Adjuncts: Mary-Faith Cerasoli is Hungry

A long time ago I was an adjunct faculty member. For a while I had classes on three different campuses, none in proximity to the others.  My classes had 30 or more students. I taught English composition mostly, so there were always papers to read and comment on. A lot of them. Weekly. I worked […]

Institutionalized Incompetence, Tenure’s Dirty Little Secret

A recently released study, “When Tenure Protects the Incompetent: Results from a Survey of Department Chairs,” by John Rothgeb, professor of political science at Ohio’s Miami University, announced the startling news that tenure, as it is practiced at many U.S. colleges and universities, protects incompetent faculty from suffering the consequences of their incompetence.  It is, […]

Atque Inter Silvas Academi Quaerere Verum

We all know that adjunct faculty are the field hands in the groves of academe.  Higher education’s once dirty little secret is now just a dirty employment practice that sacrifices the needs of the hardest working teachers to satisfy the insatiable wants of their tenured overlords. And now, thanks to the “Affordable” Care Act, the […]