The Vicious Bigots Who Call Themselves Parents: When You’ve Got Nothing to Say, Insult a Childless Person

Most of the time I like Facebook. I get to keep up with people I like, and with whom I share a love of good food, art, books, music and a host of other things. One of the things I don’t share with many of these folks is the same political outlook. But because I […]

Why Wasn’t Miley Cyrus Grand Mistress of the Chicago Slut Walk?

Last Saturday, “sluts” of all manner gathered in Chicago to let the world know that they refuse to be “victims.” They–the sluts and their “allies”–typically parade around in their underwear, or less, with handmade signs bearing such messages as “Drinking Was Not My Crime, Rape Was His” and “Your Ignorance is More Scandalous than my […]

Bellyaching at the B-School

Miss seldom concerns herself with the antics of graduate school students and faculty, mainly because graduate schools and the denizens therein tend to be, well, boring. But news of gender turmoil at the Harvard Business School has Miss sitting up and taking notice. On September 8, the New York Times ran a blistering exposé of […]

With Friends Like These: Edley and Dowd Throw Kagan Under the Bus

What a brutal week Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has had. In a Washington Post op-ed Berkeley Dean Christopher Edley uses her to front an incoherent apologia on behalf of academic “elites.” Dean Edley’s essay, a gloating reminder of just how much power certain admissions officers wield, does nothing to enhance Miss Kagan’s chances for […]

More “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Hypocrisy: Why Elena Kagan Should Tell All…even if she has nothing to tell and it’s none of our business anyway…

I wish Supreme Court Justice-nominee Elena Kagan all the best, just as I do any woman being considered for a tough, important job. I even feel a passing kind of kinship with her, perhaps because she is from New England and the academy and she’s unmarried. Full disclosure: I’m pudgy, too. But you know what? […]

Maybe Crashing Is the Answer

A friend of mine asked me why I hadn’t written about the Salahis, America’s newest fun couple, and I replied that just like Michaele Salahi’s midriff, the topic had been overexposed. And besides, as someone pathologically allergic to parties of any kind, the thought that anyone anywhere anytime would voluntarily seek entry to a gathering […]

Why ‘Call Me “Miss”‘?

I’m writing Call Me “Miss”! (CMM) to take on the stereotypes and myths about single-for-life women, or SOLOs (singles over a lifetime only).  I’ll use CMM to define the experience of single women in America and draw of the personal experiences of dozens of them of varied ages, professions and interests.  CMM will examine the […]