Ask a Stupid Question…

For scholars in the fields of race and ethnic studies—including those who work outside the ivory tower—dealing with snide questions, nasty comments, and occasional name-calling is just part of the job description. Over the years, these academics have repeatedly told me that their work is uniquely misunderstood and dismissed by students, fellow faculty, and the […]

A Brief Meditation on Why It’s So Difficult to Respect Professors

Miss is looking anxiously to the skies, waiting for darkness to come at an earlier hour than 8PM, for the dusky firmament will signal a return to the classroom and the wayward ways of the academy. Until then, she’s had to satisfy her urge to erupt in sputtering indignation by reading op-eds from the stray […]

Thinking about a Degree in Journalism from Marshall University? Don’t Be Swindell-ed!

I get it that most college faculty pretty much follow the herd when it comes to forming their political views. Possessing conventional views is essential not simply for tenure, but for securing an academic appointment in the first place. Don’t expect to be part of a group if you don’t sign on for its group-think.  […]

The War On Women Has Just Begun: Ladies, Hide Your Purses

I’m a woman and I’m from Massachusetts. I voted for Romney and Brown. Both lost and supposedly their attitudes towards women had something to do with it. Let me tell you why this woman disagrees: 1) As a woman I take sole, personal responsibility for my body. I do not have sex without birth control. […]

Catch of the Day: Elizabeth Warren Reels in Support from a Bottom Feeder

Today Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown happily added endorsements from the State Police Association of Massachusetts, Maine Senator Susan Collins, and former Massachusetts Governor Paul Celluci to his already robust list of supporters from both sides of the aisle. His opponent in the upcoming election, Elizabeth Warren, who has an impressive list of endorsements of her […]

The End of the (Land) Line: Another Call from Elizabeth Warren

One of the great benefits of working away from home is that you’re not there when the phone rings. I suppose there might be a few obsessives who use call forwarding so as not to miss a single exciting call. My philosophy is: if you don’t know me well enough to know when I am […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and a Blog by Lawrence Downes

In the August 31 New York Times editor Lawrence Downes blogged the following smackdown of Clint Eastwood’s improvisational monologue at the Republican convention the night before. He used Eastwood’s remarks as representative of what he imagines to be a Republican portrait of President Obama: Imaginary Barack was invented in Hawaii, sneaked into the Oval Office, […]

President Obama to Urban League: Education Begins at Home. Just Kidding.

Wednesday—July 25—President Obama spoke before the Urban League’s nation convention, held this year in New Orleans.  If you can believe the multiple insertions of “Applause” that punctuate the text of his remarks as posted on the White House’s website, his comments were well received by his audience. Some of those comments were also well received […]

Things are Heating Up! Al’s Got a Gal Pal!

When last Miss wrote about Al Gore, he was hoping to rekindle his college romance with Jenny Cavilleri, having just split with his long-suffering wife Tipper. Apparently things with Jenny didn’t work out, because the Washington Post is reporting that the former vice president has a new squeeze, California cutie one Elizabeth Keadle. Wisely, the […]