Matthew Arnold’s Address to the Class of 2013

Commencement season always brings with it a lot of hand-wringing about the utility of a college education, liberal arts education specifically.  This year’s angst is more feverish than usual, given the dismal employment prospects of graduates unlucky enough to be handed their sheepskins during the Obama administration. The national dialogue is a good thing, though, […]

Somebody Turned the Lights Off: College of the Atlantic Goes Dark

Breaking news, dateline: Bar Harbor, Maine: At a special meeting of College of the Atlantic’s Board of Trustees on Monday, March 11, the trustees accepted a student proposal to divest the college from all fossil fuel-related investments. The divestment of all stocks goes into effect immediately. “The elation on campus is palpable,” says COA President […]

Tuition and Quality Don’t Mix, but BA’s and Bartending Do

Right now we’re in a fallow period in the academic calendar: most students and faculty have arrived back on campus from their December-January vacation, and are busy putting on their critical thinking caps to figure out where best to decamp for Spring Break in a few weeks’ time. Cancun? Florida? Gstaad? It’s important to have […]

Hampshire College Professor Margaret Cerullo Assures Students, “You Don’t Have to Read It to Know What’s in It”

I haven’t been so excited about alternating narrators since first reading Faulkner as an undergraduate.  I am counting the days till Boxing Day, when I can repair to my aerie high atop Copley Square and settle in with Christine Benvenuto’s Sex Changes: A Memoir of Marriage, Gender, and Moving On and Joy Ladin’s Through the […]

Hiding in Plain Sight: Alcohol and the Suicide of Trey Malone

It was with great sadness, professional interest, and morbid curiosity that I read the full text of a recent suicide’s note to his family and friends. It is almost unheard of that there be public access to such text, but the parents of this sad young man thought his final words to them should be […]

The War On Women Has Just Begun: Ladies, Hide Your Purses

I’m a woman and I’m from Massachusetts. I voted for Romney and Brown. Both lost and supposedly their attitudes towards women had something to do with it. Let me tell you why this woman disagrees: 1) As a woman I take sole, personal responsibility for my body. I do not have sex without birth control. […]

Murder Prof Amy Bishop Now Sane…Changes Plea from “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” to GUILTY!

Dr. Amy Bishop, the Harvard-trained PhD who attempted to slaughter her University of Alabama colleagues as they sat in a 2010 department meeting, has plead “guilty” to one count of capital murder and assorted attempted-murder charges. Like her fellow Harvard alum, Dr. Ted Kazcynski, she’ll spend the rest of her life in jail. I am […]

President Obama to Urban League: Education Begins at Home. Just Kidding.

Wednesday—July 25—President Obama spoke before the Urban League’s nation convention, held this year in New Orleans.  If you can believe the multiple insertions of “Applause” that punctuate the text of his remarks as posted on the White House’s website, his comments were well received by his audience. Some of those comments were also well received […]

Things are Heating Up! Al’s Got a Gal Pal!

When last Miss wrote about Al Gore, he was hoping to rekindle his college romance with Jenny Cavilleri, having just split with his long-suffering wife Tipper. Apparently things with Jenny didn’t work out, because the Washington Post is reporting that the former vice president has a new squeeze, California cutie one Elizabeth Keadle. Wisely, the […]