Diversity, with a Capital “D”

A group of UCLA graduate students captured national attention recently by complaining about the unfair grading practices of Professor Emeritus Val Rust.  I am not surprised that Rust has “emeritus” in his title, because he is one of a dying breed: a faculty member who painstakingly comments and corrects his students’ papers. And therein lies […]

Pardun Me! Academic Administrator Takes Arms Against a Sea of Troubles

A little over a month ago, the director of the school of journalism at the University of South Carolina, Carol J. Pardun, announced in The Chronicle of Higher Education that she was walking away from her administrative responsibilities in order to “resurrect [her] scholarly life as a tenured professor.” Don’t get Pardun wrong; hers appears […]

I Said “Yes” and I Meant “Yes,” but Dean Boyd Told Me It’s Not What I Meant. I’m Confused.

When classes end for the summer, staff who have been officebound for the grueling 28 weeks that constitute an academic year are allowed out into the blinding sunshine of summer. While some repair to the beach or the mountains, others take advantage of the subsidized opportunity conferences provide to visit a new city or resort […]

A Mighty Fortress is our Diversity: Student Affairs Administrators Convene at the Magic Kingdom

In the campus pecking order, somewhere down the line, well below the dean of faculty and the vice president of finance, but perhaps slightly above the directors of community affairs and buildings and grounds, one finds the alternatively named dean of the college, dean of students or vice president of student affairs. Those who hold […]

Academic Freedom Still Moribund on the Gallaudet Campus; “Teachable Moments” on Life Support

It is a very sad day when faculty members are so blinded by their own biases and university presidents are so cowed by the power of the faculty that they all forget why they are campus in the first place. Instead of embracing the “teachable moment” that arose when it was made known Dr. Angela […]

The Death of Academic Freedom at Gallaudet University: President T. Alan Hurwitz is an Intolerant Coward

It’s happened again.  Another academic administrator has fallen victim to the hierarchy of victimhood.  Just like Crystal Dixon before her, Angela McCaskill has learned the hard way that being a woman, being black, and–in Dr. McCaskill’s case–being deaf simply does not give her a valuable enough perspective on “diversity and inclusion.” Until her “administrative leave” […]

UC Davis Can’t Catch a Break

Last month the Los Angeles Times announced the payday for the 21 University of California Davis students who were attacked by pepper-spray wielding campus cops last November 18. If you recall, the highly seasoned pupils were the remnants of a band of Occupiers who gummed up the campus fighting for their demands: 1. Free public […]

Do as I Say, While I Do What I Want: Hypocrisy in the Land of Caps, Gowns, and Headdresses, Part I

Faithful readers of CMM know one topic that gives Miss endless delight—and blog fodder—is the double standards college and university faculty use, usually to benchmark their worth against the drones who do staff work on their campuses, but sometimes simply when the Great Spirit moves them. The news brings such a bumper crop of stories […]

Academic Bombast: A Little Bit of Cis and That

Academics can be full of surprises. Just when you are about to write off the lot of them as pompous and often criminally inclined boors whose bloated prose only a Judith Butler could love, they redeem themselves with a bit of self-aware mockery. Wags at the University of Chicago have come up with a nifty […]

Diversity for Me but Not for Thee: Crystal Dixon, the University of Toledo, and the Hierarchy Civil Rights

It all started way back in 2008, when a self-described “middle-aged, overweight white guy with graying facial hair” wrote an op-ed that played fast and loose with the truth about health care benefits at the University of Toledo. Michael Miller, editor-in-chief of the Toledo Free Press, fresh from a town hall meeting sponsored by Equality […]