Pardun Me! Academic Administrator Takes Arms Against a Sea of Troubles

A little over a month ago, the director of the school of journalism at the University of South Carolina, Carol J. Pardun, announced in The Chronicle of Higher Education that she was walking away from her administrative responsibilities in order to “resurrect [her] scholarly life as a tenured professor.” Don’t get Pardun wrong; hers appears […]

When Professor Samuelson Has a Pen In His Pocket–You’d Better Believe He’s Glad to See You

Things are steamy in the Sunshine State. Just ask Don Samuelson, MS, PhD, recently placed on administrative leave by the University of Florida, College of Medicine, Department of S.A. Clinical Sciences, Gainesville. Professor Samuelson spent part of Saturday night in the Alachaua County Jail, and has the mug shot to prove it: Professor Samuelson had […]

The Compelling Life Story of Margaret Mary Vojtko

Margaret Mary Vojtko died this month, alone, collapsing outside on her lawn, at age 83. She suffered from cancer, although a heart attack took her life. She was beloved aunt of six nieces and nephews. She was–or had been up until this summer–an adjunct faculty member at Duquesne University, a Catholic institution in Pittsburgh. For […]

A Brief Meditation on Why It’s So Difficult to Respect Professors

Miss is looking anxiously to the skies, waiting for darkness to come at an earlier hour than 8PM, for the dusky firmament will signal a return to the classroom and the wayward ways of the academy. Until then, she’s had to satisfy her urge to erupt in sputtering indignation by reading op-eds from the stray […]

Cis, Boom, Balderdash: Physicists Go Nuclear for Diversity

If, like me, you are of an age that your notion of a scientist was formed by watching Fred McMurray portray Dr. Ned Brainard of Medfield College in the 1961 cinematic classic The Absent-Minded Professor, then you might also share my slack-jawed reaction to the newest professional organization for physicists. The organization, LGBTIQQAP+ Physicists, was […]

Fatsos Need Not Apply: Professor Geoffrey Miller Likes His Students Slim ‘n Trim

University of New Mexico social psychology professor Geoffrey F. Miller researches and writes on such fascinating topics as: The positive correlation of intelligence and semen quality; Women who prefer longer penises are more likely to have vaginal orgasms (but not clitoral orgasms), and Ovulatory cycle effects on tip earnings by waitresses in family restaurants. Lately […]

Thinking about a Degree in Journalism from Marshall University? Don’t Be Swindell-ed!

I get it that most college faculty pretty much follow the herd when it comes to forming their political views. Possessing conventional views is essential not simply for tenure, but for securing an academic appointment in the first place. Don’t expect to be part of a group if you don’t sign on for its group-think.  […]

Hey, Professor, Can Ya Spare a Job?

A blogger for Inside Higher Education has written a sad tale of her year-long quest for a tenure-track position in a college or university English department.  Needless to say–at least to those familiar with the hiring situation for faculty wannabes–hers was a fruitless search. She did not get a single job offer, and, she says, […]

Professor Gause Shakes His Tail Feather

Every day news about the dicey retirement years baby boomers are looking at becomes grimmer and grimmer, to the point where those Walmart greeters’ jobs and MacDonald’s drive-thru cashier positions seem like attractive options for a second career. Not so for four-time “Professor of the Year” Gerald E. Gause, late of University of Florida’s College […]

A Meditation on Metaphor: Professor Loomis Waxes Poetic

December 21, 2012: The world hasn’t ended, but I believe the meaning of metaphor has. Earlier in the week, Inside Higher Education noted that University of Rhode Island Assistant Professor Erik Loomis caught the attention of conservative bloggers when he tweeted, “I was heartbroken in the first 20 mass murders. Now I want Wayne LaPierre’s […]