UC Davis Can’t Catch a Break

Last month the Los Angeles Times announced the payday for the 21 University of California Davis students who were attacked by pepper-spray wielding campus cops last November 18. If you recall, the highly seasoned pupils were the remnants of a band of Occupiers who gummed up the campus fighting for their demands: 1. Free public […]

RIP JOHN SILBER, 1926-2012

John Silber‘s 25-year presidency of Boston University transformed a middling institution into a power player. A Texas transplant to the Athens of America, Silber was short-tempered, outspoken, and not very nice. He was, in spite of it all, right about most of the things he said and did that enraged so many of his legion […]

Disgraced Community College President Peter Burnham Free on His Own Recognizance. For Now.

Former president of Brookdale Community College (Middletown, NJ) Peter Burnham has the dubious distinction of being the subject of CMM! three times.  Twice for his crimes, and today for his long-awaited conviction on various counts of misconduct and theft.  He’ll be sentenced in September, when, if the Monmouth County DA has any say in the […]

New Mexico Just Got a Little More Enchanting

When last we checked in on Professor/Pimp David Flory, he was earnestly explaining that his exclusive web site “Southwest Companions” was simply providing “a safe place for guys to find female prostitutes.” Apparently, the courts in New Mexico beg to differ.  According to ABQJournal Online, “District Judge Stan Whitaker on Monday ruled that neither a […]

College Presidents Do Good: The Higher Ed Version of “Man Bites Dog”

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s only fair that Miss takes note. Thanks to a mention in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Presidents’ Pledge came to my attention, and I could not be more impressed with what I learned. Some  28 college and university presidents (current and retired) have agreed to […]

Leadership in Action: President Farahi Blames His Staff

Not yet 10:00 a.m., and already I have had my laugh of the day. From NJ.com: While the governing board at Kean University has launched an investigation about false claims on his resume, university president Dawood Farahi has acknowledged for the first time that some mistakes were made. In a recent interview, Farahi said even […]

DUI*: The Karen Pletz Edition of “Where Are They Now?”

*Dying Under Indictment It isn’t often that a column by Nicolas Kristof gets me thinking; usually his mealy-mouthed half-truths just make me mad. His Thanksgiving column, “Are We Getting Nicer?”, prompted me to return to a question about Call Me Miss that I have been pondering ever since I learned of the death of disgraced […]

OWS, Higher Education and Faculty Rights (Hey, Brother, Can You Spare a Parking Space?)

Breaking news from Columbus, Ohio, where a new “occupy” movement is afoot. Faculty at Ohio State University (OSU) are steaming because the university’s chief financial officer Geoffrey Chatas, formerly managing director of the Infrastructure Investments Fund at JP Morgan Asset Management, is threatening to bring the money-grubbing tactics of Wall Street to 12th Avenue. Listen […]

Former College President Russell Davis Forges Ahead

From the April 29 update on nj.com: The recently-resigned president of Gloucester County College Dr. Russell A. Davis has been charged by the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office with 11 counts of forgery. The charges were served on Dr. Davis when he agreed to appear at the GCPO offices today. He was released on his own […]

First Burnham, Now Davis. It’s a Jersey Thing.

Some posts back, I wrote about the financial chicanery of Brookdale Community College’s ex-president Peter Burnham.  Update, from Middletown, New Jersey and the Star-Ledger: An audit of nearly three years of expense reports found former Brookdale Community College President Peter Burnham repeatedly misled college officials and billed the school for alcohol, personal trips, clothing and […]