HOORAY for Harvard President Drew Faust!

Yesterday Drew Faust, president of Harvard University, became one of my personal heroes.  She spoke the truth, and spoke it plainly, as she explained the university’s wise and courageous decision to refrain from divesting in fossil fuel-related businesses. She pointed out the troubling inconsistency in the notion that, as an investor, [Harvard] should boycott a […]

RIP Sheldon Hackney

Sheldon Hackney, head of the NEH under President Clinton, former president of the University of Pennsylvania and Tulane University, is probably the most famous person I have ever known. I worked with him, or more accurately, for him, on Martha’s Vineyard, where he chaired any number of boards. Sheldon died earlier this week, at what […]

Gee, Did I Say Something Wrong?

When last Miss wrote about Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State University, he was making Lincolnesque statements about outsourcing the campus’s parking lots. Today’s statement announces his imminent retirement. Apparently President Gee decided that the Columbus, despite its name, is just too far from the bounding main for his liking, given that he made his […]

A Campus Combats its Whiteness: The University of Kentucky’s Search for a Diversified Provost

Question: What upcoming contest has Lexington turf accountants working overtime? If you answered “the Run for the Roses”: no mint juleps for you.  The match-up that has fans of diversity rushing to place their bets is a barn-burner at the University of Kentucky, where three diverse finalists are running neck and neck in the Provost’s […]

MIT, A Heroic Campus Patrol Officer, and the Right Thing

Press releases from colleges and universities rarely evoke feelings from me, other than a vague sense of embarrassment or a twinge of nausea, but yesterday’s announcement from MIT made me cry: MIT announces plans to commemorate Patrol Officer Sean Collier Absent the phalanx of committees and recommendations that usually accompany a “naming opportunity,” the good […]

RIP Randolph Bromery, 1926-2013

Randolph Bromery was Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts from 1971 until 1979.  After he retired from that position, he became the go-to guy for troubled or scandal-wracked institutions in the Commonwealth. If a campus was destroying itself from within, Chancellor Bromery would ride to the rescue–and fix things, for real. I stood in awe […]

Carbon Footprints in the Snow: Unity College Takes on the Oil Companies. Sorta.

January in Collegetown, USA is bleak: if it’s not bone-chillingly cold, it’s overcast and foggy.  The days are short and the nights are long, and last week I spent $750 for one hundred or so gallons of oil to heat my home. So I read with interest in this morning’s update from the Chronicle of […]

Hiding in Plain Sight: Alcohol and the Suicide of Trey Malone

It was with great sadness, professional interest, and morbid curiosity that I read the full text of a recent suicide’s note to his family and friends. It is almost unheard of that there be public access to such text, but the parents of this sad young man thought his final words to them should be […]

UC Davis Can’t Catch a Break

Last month the Los Angeles Times announced the payday for the 21 University of California Davis students who were attacked by pepper-spray wielding campus cops last November 18. If you recall, the highly seasoned pupils were the remnants of a band of Occupiers who gummed up the campus fighting for their demands: 1. Free public […]

RIP JOHN SILBER, 1926-2012

John Silber‘s 25-year presidency of Boston University transformed a middling institution into a power player. A Texas transplant to the Athens of America, Silber was short-tempered, outspoken, and not very nice. He was, in spite of it all, right about most of the things he said and did that enraged so many of his legion […]