Central Michigan University Professor Issues Trigger Warning

From Central Michigan Life, Central Michigan University’s Premier News Source and Student Voice Since 1919, comes a sobering description of how one professor uses “trigger warnings”:

A Central Michigan University professor was arrested after allegedly firing a shotgun at two door-to-door salesmen on June 5, according to an arrest record filed by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department.

Robert Dale Lee, 61, of Mount Pleasant, was arraigned on June 6 and has been charged with one count of felonious assault and one count of carrying a firearm with unlawful intent.

Lee was released after posting 10 percent of his $10,000 bond.

The incident occurred at 6:05 p.m. on Thursday after two vacuum cleaner salesmen approached Lee’s home. The professor came to the door and gestured “one minute” to the salesmen and then disappeared behind his garage, according to an affidavit issued to the Isabella County Trial Court. The two salesmen reportedly became suspicious and decided to leave.

Lee appeared from behind a pole barn near the home and proceeded to fire two shots at the men as they sped away in a van. One of the victims reported hearing the pellets “whiz” by his open driver’s side window, read the affidavit.

No injuries or damage to the salesmen’s van were reported. A 20 gauge shotgun was recovered at Lee’s home. Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the incident.

It's called a "trigger warning," son. We use to keep varmints out of the classroom.

It’s called a “trigger warning,” son. We use to keep varmints out of the classroom.


If anything, Professor Lee’s trigger warnings will put an end to those sexist jokes about traveling salesmen.

3 thoughts on “Central Michigan University Professor Issues Trigger Warning

  1. Figures an academic would use a 20 gauge. Ineffective on anything larger than a dove over 40 yards. Two vacuum cleaner salesmen? Twelve gauge at a minimum.

      • The “news” story has at least two “facts” which should cause at least a little scepticism. The vacuum salesmen became suspicious when he went behind his barn? Really? What was so suspicious? They claim to have already been driving away when he came out from behind the barn and then further claimed to have,heard the pellets whiz by his open window. That guy must have supernaturally good hearing to hear 20 gauge pellets “whizzing” by his head over the typical non-silent van engine. The local justice system couldn’t be overly concerned if they let the prof. out on $1,000.00 bail the same day.

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