Somebody Quick Call the Diversity Trainers!

I am outraged.

The monster of white privilege has once again raised its flaxen head, this time to disrupt the return-from-semester of Howard University students to their Washington, DC campus.

Imagine, if you dare, the anguish of a scrappy band of upperclassmen who, upon arriving back at the dorms, make a quick stop at the campus post office to retrieve any mail that might have arrived during break. Right there in each box is a painful reminder of our nation’s shameful past. It was is if the knapsack of white privilege had been unpacked, and an item placed in every students’ mail box.

Howls of heartache echoed across the HBCU campus, as students of color found themselves marginalized in a public and hurtful way:

Note Whitey's knapsack!

Note that Whitey carries her knapsack of privilege even when she shops for groceries!

Well, maybe not howls, but a lot of tweets that have sent reporters and bloggers into a frenzy.

Howard University received its charter and initial funding from the United States Congress and President Andrew Johnson in 1867 (that’s right after the Civil War), and has a distinguished roster of graduates that includes Toni Morrison, Jessye Norman, Thurgood Marshall and Vernon Jordon. The university played an extremely important role in U.S. higher education by providing access to undergraduate and graduate learning to countless students whose entrance into post-secondary education was otherwise severely limited.

A measure of Howard’s success in serving its mission, I suppose, is that the worst current students have to squawk about is a stock photo in a grocery store circular.

On the other hand, some folks at Howard might be deeply embarrassed at this tempest in a knapsack, for when you click on “administration” listing in “quick links” from here on the university’s website, you are brought here:

404: This page cannot be found!

Oh, well…it’s Friday.

5 thoughts on “Somebody Quick Call the Diversity Trainers!

  1. This truly illustrates the value of a quality education. The students showed their displeasure/unhappiness/moral outrage (take your choice) by tweeting. Less educated youths might have gone around punching out grandmothers.

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