Gee, Did I Say Something Wrong?

When last Miss wrote about Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State University, he was making Lincolnesque statements about outsourcing the campus’s parking lots.

Today’s statement announces his imminent retirement.

Apparently President Gee decided that the Columbus, despite its name, is just too far from the bounding main for his liking, given that he made his momentous career decision whilst enjoying the fun and excitement of a Disney cruise.

A voice from above whispered  "retire."

A voice from above whispered “retire.”

On thing is for certain: Gee’s premature departure from the presidency, at age 69, had absolutely nothing, nothing to do with the anti-Catholic one-liners that had the boys in the backroom in stitches a few months back. After all, it’s hardly the first time Gee has insulted a minority group that doesn’t possess the appropriate victims’ credentials.¬† He’s insulted Poles, colleagues in another collegiate football conference, and, memorably, the Trustees of Brown University.

And when you grow up, Gordon Gee will make fun of your faith.

“And when you grow up, Gordon Gee will make fun of your faith.”

Gordon Gee has weathered many a storm in his long career, including a dope-smoking wife, now ex-, ensconced in that most hallowed of places, the president’s house.

President Gee will not be bored in his retirement, you can be sure of that. A $2.1 million salary and the pension that comes with it will buy a lot cruises on the Disney fleet.

2 thoughts on “Gee, Did I Say Something Wrong?

  1. Can you imagine the panties that would have been bunched if President Gee had uttered something along the lines of, “those Muslims are only peaceful on Saturday” or “those Grambling graduates can’t read or write”? Not even his sporty horn rimmed glasses and bow ties could have saved him.

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