MIT, A Heroic Campus Patrol Officer, and the Right Thing

Special people work and study on the campus.

Good people work and study on this campus.

Press releases from colleges and universities rarely evoke feelings from me, other than a vague sense of embarrassment or a twinge of nausea, but yesterday’s announcement from MIT made me cry:

MIT announces plans to commemorate Patrol Officer Sean Collier

Absent the phalanx of committees and recommendations that usually accompany a “naming opportunity,” the good people at MIT– President L. Rafael Reif, his administration, faculty, staff, students and trustees– moved swiftly to do the right thing. At the Institute’s memorial service for Officer Collier, murdered by terrorists who killed and injured Boston marathoners and wreaked havoc on the life and economy of a city and its environs for the better part of a week, President Reif announced the establishment of the

Sean A. Collier Memorial Fund that will support a Collier Medal — to be awarded to individuals who demonstrate Collier’s values.

I am making a donation to this memorial fund.  I hope that you will, too.

Thank you, MIT, and may Sean Collier smile down on the recipients of the medal that bears his name.



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