A Faculty Member Asserts His Worth: I Know I’m in Jail but I have Bills to Pay. How ‘Bout a Raise?

Back in January a story about a physics professor who’d been profoundly unlucky in love caught my eye.  I started to write about Paul H. Frampton, Louis D. Rubin Jr. Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, but in the end I felt sorry for him and chose not to write. I felt bad because he’d been thrown into a South American jail subsequent to his January 23 arrest at the Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires “after the drugs were found in his checked luggage en route to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.”

This highly respected scientist is not your average mule.  In fact, it’s truly doubtful that he was even aware the he was toting more than two kilos of cocaine, because, you see, he was blinded by the passion that erupted after he’d spent 11 weeks on an internet dating site exchanging sweet nothings with one Denise Milani, a former Miss Bikini World.  After sharing deep thoughts, Frampton left behind all academic pursuits in Chapel Hill and prepared to meet his lady love in a romantic tropical interlude.
Turns out, there was no Miss Bikini waiting in a south-of-the-border love nest for Professor Frampton.  The Telegraph (UK) picks up the sad tale from here:
Extraordinary details of the events leading up to his arrest emerged – including a 10 day stay in Bolivia waiting for Miss Milani to join him for the start of a new life together before his fateful trip to Argentina.

I can definitely see what attracted Miss Bikini World (r.) to the hunky Paul Frampton.

An alleged emissary from the bikini queen, described as “a Hispanic-looking middle-aged man,” however, showed up to give the professor a suitcase and told him it belonged to the model. The Telegraph continues:

[Professor Frampton] told an Argentine newspaper he planned to take the suitcase to Brussels in Belgium for a new meeting with his internet girlfriend – but was persuaded by a friend to book a flight back to the US and forget Miss Milani after 36 hours in Ezeiza Airport when the ticket failed to arrive.

Understandably, the Buenos Aires police subjected the professor to a battery of tests designed to check for mental illness.  Finding none, they threw him in the slammer.

Where he now languishes and where he recently demanded that his salary be more than doubled.  Although he cannot meet his classes, he is, after all, in touch with his graduate students from South American stir:

Frampton cites evidence that suggests his pay should be at least twice as high as his currently suspended $107,000 a year.

“Oh, it is definitely chutzpah,” said Frampton in a telephone interview Monday. “But the facts show that I deserve it.”

What possibly could there be to add? The randy professor’s sentence, perhaps.

Words to live by, Professor Frampton.

5 thoughts on “A Faculty Member Asserts His Worth: I Know I’m in Jail but I have Bills to Pay. How ‘Bout a Raise?

  1. If the university scholar gig doesn’t wind up working out for him maybe he could catch on with the Secret Service? Either that or he find a challenging new career at a grocery store preparing groceries for transportation.

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