Catch of the Day: Elizabeth Warren Reels in Support from a Bottom Feeder

Today Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown happily added endorsements from the State Police Association of Massachusetts, Maine Senator Susan Collins, and former Massachusetts Governor Paul Celluci to his already robust list of supporters from both sides of the aisle. His opponent in the upcoming election, Elizabeth Warren, who has an impressive list of endorsements of her own, including such political and intellectual heavyweights Al Franken,

Senator Franken hopes Lizzie wins so that he’ll no longer hold the title “biggest mouth in the Senate.”


Is an endorsement from a possible relative considered nepotism?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner,

Warren supporters Affleck and Garner prepare for a spin in their middle-class roadster.

also landed a big one today. Warren’s catch o’ the day is none other than recent Georgetown graduate Sandra Fluke, an up-and-coming lawyer of the type one suspects will eventually give harridan Gloria Allred a run for her ill-gotten nuisance-suit fortune. It’s pretty close to the bottom of the barrel when a candidate thinks an endorsement from someone whose notoriety is due entirely to being the subject of scorn from an overweight headphone jockey is a big deal.

When one looks closely at Limpet Lizzie’s face, it’s possible to see a family resemblance to fluke.

There’s an old saw that says you’re known by the company you keep. If such folksy wisdom is true, then I suggest you vote for Scott Brown.

Professor Warren is not the only candidate at home in a classroom.

Separated at birth? Two senators who reach across the aisle.

Senator Brown was happy to accept the endorsement of the Massachusetts State Police Association.

9 thoughts on “Catch of the Day: Elizabeth Warren Reels in Support from a Bottom Feeder

  1. Granny Warren- woman of the people! I showed a Frontline today to my Econ class about credit cards Granny had a leading role- I love the way she bobs her head up and down when she talks!

  2. There’s got to be a wonderful joke out there somewhere with Franken Fluke in it, but I can’t for the life of me think of it. It does make me imagine Liz bent over an operating table rubbing her hands and cackling, “It’s alive, it’s alive” as lightning flashes outside the windows of her basement laboratory. Uh, well ,anyway.

  3. Miss: Do you know if Liz has picked up an endorsement from Richard “I don’t have a problem with women, goddamn it!!!” Carmona?

  4. Richard Carmona is also running for a seat in the U.S. Senate as a democrat, but in Arizona. His opponent is running an ad featuring one of Carmona’s former bosses (a woman) talking about his generally angry, disrespectful and occasionally threatening behavior toward her. To top that Carmona told the male moderator of his debate last night that he, “was better looking than Candy Crowley”
    The sound

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