Things are Heating Up! Al’s Got a Gal Pal!

When last Miss wrote about Al Gore, he was hoping to rekindle his college romance with Jenny Cavilleri, having just split with his long-suffering wife Tipper.

Apparently things with Jenny didn’t work out, because the Washington Post is reporting that the former vice president has a new squeeze, California cutie one Elizabeth Keadle.

Wisely, the new couple are taking their romance step-by-step. According to the Post, their first big date was a closely chaperoned affair, combining romance with saving the world. They spent it with an

eclectic group of experts and VIPs (Richard Branson, singer Jason Mraz, actor Tommy Lee Jones) on a trip to Antarctica in January to raise awareness of climate change.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of Al Gore making out on an iceberg with a 50ish divorcee raises my gorge, but not much else.

Native Antarctic seal ROILIAO at the lovebirds.

Ms. Keadle is reputedly a big, not mega, donor to politics and causes near and dear to Gore’s heart. An environmentalist herself, she lives in earth-friendly Rancho Santa Fe, California, an enclave last in the news when Heaven’s Gate cult members, nattily attired in matching jogging suits and Nikes, were carried off to an alien spaceship. Rancho Santa Fe also distinguishes itself being having a population that’s 90% white, in a state that is overall 40% white. No wonder the loving couple chose Antartica for their dream date. All that whiteness felt just like home!

Eco-friendly living in Rancho Santa Fe; the lights are on but nobody’s home.

Rancho Santa Fe is also a global-warmist’s ideal community. How do I know this? By checking out the homes for sale there. According to 247 are currently on the market. Of that 247, a mere 89% have central air-conditioning and a trivial 70% have hot tubs. Extrapolate from that, and you see how Ms. Keadle must live the spartan life of the dedicated environmentalist she is reported to be.

I wish the couple well. Seems like they were made for each other.

Hey, Elizabeth: pucker up!

One thought on “Things are Heating Up! Al’s Got a Gal Pal!

  1. Not only may they have been smooching it up at the South Pole, but if they were indeed doing it they were doing it upside down!

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