Double-Dipping Duo: The Denouement

Late under indictment for felony, Professors Julie Jacko and Francois Sainfort have concluded their four-year flirtation with possible hard time by waving the victory flag.

The assistant attorney general for Georgia accepted a guilty plea from Professor Sainfort on a single count, in exchange for dropping charges against his wife Julie and the third member of their little crime family, Julie’s brother Robert.  The Professor “pleaded guilty on Monday to making false statements related to his simultaneous, full-time employment,” according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Professor Jacko faints in relief as hubby Francois fills her in on the plea deal.

You may be asking yourself how, if Professor Sainfort pleaded guilty, this outcome could be viewed as a victory.  Well, because the blot on the reputations of the two professors is pretty hard to see: they appear to be keeping their jobs-for-life at the University of Minnesota (you know, the full-time positions they started collecting paychecks for while still picking up same for same at Georgia Tech); Julie’s dodged the bullet entirely, and, courtesy of  “Georgia’s First Offender Act[,] Sainfort’s guilty plea [will] be dismissed if he successfully completes five years of probation,” according to the Twin Cities Star Tribune.  Soiled reputation notwithstanding, Sainfort’s real victory comes where it counts most to him and his greedy wife: the pocketbook.

Let Greg Lohmeier, Georgia’s assistant attorney general, tell the rest of the story, again courtesy of the Star Tribune:

“This was, always, a policy violation,” Lohmeier said. “The question became, OK, how is this a criminal case? That was one of the things we struggled with.”

Georgia Tech has agreed to accept the amount being ordered in restitution [$43,578] as settlement of any remaining claims, said a university spokesman.

Sainfort also had “a viable claim” against Georgia Tech for about $40,000 in unpaid vacation leave — close to the amount ordered in restitution, which was based on what he owed for improperly billing travel expenses, Lohmeier said. “Given the amounts involved,” he said, “we just called it a wash.”

Gotta love those hard-working professors and their enablers.  Sainfort gets to apply his contested “vacation pay” towards his “restitution” to Georgia Tech.

The Sainfort-Jacko family is celebrating their victory by building a charming new folly on their lawn.

I do not believe there is any truth to the rumor that Sainfort and Jacko are contemplating suing the University of Minnesota for vacation pay earned while they were pulling down two (make that four) paychecks.  But perhaps they should do just that.  Afterall, when you are working full time on two campuses  approximately 1200 miles apart, you don’t have time to take vacation.  So you should be compensated, n’est-ce pas?


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