Hands-On Professor Handed His Sentence: Drago’s on Probation

If only Drago had kept that finger to himself, his feminist credentials would still be intact.

Breaking news from The Chronicle of Higher Education for “Where Are They Now?”:

Scholar Known for His Studies of Women in the Work Force Is Convicted of Sexual Abuse

By Robin Wilson

Robert W. Drago—a prominent scholar of issues affecting women in the work force­, including academe—was convicted of misdemeanor sexual abuse of a minor last week in Superior Court of Washington, D.C.

We last read about Randy Robert back in September, 2011; his once live-in love the lithe Laurie Bonjo had blown a gasket when her daughter reported that Drago, then Director of the prestigious and proudly feminist Institute for Women’s Policy Research, had attempted to cop a feel or two. Or maybe three. Who knows? The seventeen-year-old did not talk to the press. Her mother did.

For the fleeting pleasure of feeling up a teenager, Drago’s been sentenced to eighteen months’ probation. According to the Chronicle, he’s also been given the life sentence of being listed in the National Sex Offender Registry. I almost feel sorry for him.


7 thoughts on “Hands-On Professor Handed His Sentence: Drago’s on Probation

  1. I think that Bob “Fast Fingers” Drago is an evocative and dare I say more romantic moniker than “Randy Robert”. Maybe not as good as Squid Mc Guffey or “Ship Wreck Kelly”, but still capable of creating lasting if not disturbed impressions.

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  3. Fast Fingers will be weaving a narrative that makes him the put upon hero of this tawdry tale and he will have more people than you think believing him

  4. 17 years old. How ridiculous. Scarcely a hanging offense is it? Now his exemplary career and fine academic reputation has been extinguished – what ever happened to restorative justice.

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