Mrs. Obama’s Diary: Can a Girl Have Two Best Friends?

Dear Diary,

I am so confused. All of a sudden Barack doesn’t like my BFFs.

Me on September 21 with my best friends.

Me on September 29 trying to target some new friends.

I don’t know what to do. I didn’t find any new BFF at that store Barack made me go to. I was so sad I even forgot I had a cart for my bags.

Maybe if Barack sees how happy I am with my real BFFs and how sad I am looking for new BBFs, he’ll let me go back to my old rock-hard friendships.

Anyway, sometimes I think Barack doesn’t always remember what he tells me anyway. Some days he really, really likes my BFFs. Then when somebody takes our picture, he looks at it and gets all mad. He says my BFFs are not the right class for me to be friends with, and that I should put our friendship on ice for a year or so.

What should I do???



6 thoughts on “Mrs. Obama’s Diary: Can a Girl Have Two Best Friends?

  1. Friends come and go, but bling is forever. Unless the bling is too much and then it should be redistributed. Except that when the bling owner supports the concept of redistribution, but is smart enough to know that the redistribution thing doesn’t really apply to them for any number of excellent reasons.

  2. Hard to say. I would have to know if the podium and the shopping cart were standard or enhanced versions. It all comes down to perspective

  3. So, what’s the deal? Our republic crumbles around us, the Target end caps are bare and ugly and the silence from Miss is hurtful. In these trying times your devoted followers need your wit, your insight, your ability to expose the loathsome intransigence of the enlightened classes. who befoul the halls of higher learning with their racist and elitist filth.

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