David Flory: Physicist, Professor, PIMP!

A couple of posts back I caught a lot of flak from Chandra and Wendy because of my critique of the poor time management skills of one Professor Afshan Jafar and faculty in general.

To the above named, I offer my deepest apologies. I should’ve known that as soon as I opined on this controversial subject, some academic somewhere would prove me wrong.

Professor David Flory, at your service!

And that’s exactly what has happened. Professor of Physics and former Department Chair David Flory of Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ) has forced me to reconsider my views. Oh hell, he’s demonstrated the error of my thinking in a manner more spectacular than I could have imagined, for not only does Professor find enough hours in his own day to run his own business, so adept is he at time management that he schedules his workers’ hours as well. And talk about successful! Professor Flory owns homes in New York and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not too shabby on the pittance any self-respecting faculty members will tell you they make.

Alas, there is a fly in the ointment. Professor Flory will not be enjoying his Land of Enchantment vacation getaway too much longer. He’s run into some business reverses, you see. The Albuquerque PD just arrested him for running a prostitution ring:

Flory was charged with 40 counts of promoting prostitution and other charges. He was being held in Albuquerque on $100,000 bail late Monday….Flory’s website, Southwest Companions, had operated for months before several prostitutes in Albuquerque mentioned the site to police and they began investigating late last year.

Professor Flory puts the kicks back on Route 66!

I guess Flory had some shortcomings as a boss; he must have, since his own employees ratted him out to the cops.

Of course, the story doesn’t end here:

FDU spokeswoman Dina Schipper said that the university was “saddened” by the news.
“Our hearts go out to all of those impacted by the situation,” Schipper said. “Since becoming aware of the arrest, the university has cooperated with law enforcement authorities as they seek to gain the most accurate information as part of their ongoing investigation in New Mexico.”
Schipper declined to comment on Flory’s current job status at the university.
“We should know more as the days unfold,” she said.

“More” will turn out to be Flory’s retirement, a timely coincidence given the professor’s 42-year tenure at FDU. Talk about going out with a bang!

Of course, the university could always opt for the uglier route of breaking Flory’s tenure, but I doubt it. “Southwest Companions” will be hotly defended as falling under the protections of academic freedom. It’s only when Flory fails to meet his classes because he’s pulling laundry duty in the pen that first he’ll be suspended (with pay), then suspended (without pay), then finally, maybe, after his and the university’s lawyers finish wrangling over scheduling a time when Flory can appeal his suspension, will Flory be…fired? Nope. Given “early” retirement with an incentive bonus. Gotta love that “due process.”

I know what you’re thinking: whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?! Well, aside from the sex workers’ statements about how Southwest Companions offered 200 call girls to some 1200 johns, and the descriptions of how to gain access to the panoply of SC’s services:

Users were split into three categories, and first-time visitors had to first gain the trust of Flory before gaining any access. Ordinarily this was done, [Police Spokesman] Roseman said, by “sleeping with a prostitute.” The prostitute would then report to Flory what sexual acts the two had engaged in, as well as how much money was exchanged.
After that process, users were designated as “Verified,” gaining access to a wider circle of women to choose from, Roseman said. If users became more frequent customers, their status was increased to “Trusted,” which gave them access to more women and more portions of the website, including message boards explaining how to avoid the police, Roseman said.

there was Flory’s own admission that he was merely providing “a safe place for guys to find female prostitutes.” A public service, really, especially if you believe the good professor’s claim to the police that he “did not make money off of the website.” In fact, Professor Flory expressed dismay that his “hobby” had caused such a ruckus.

Ah, the life well-rounded. A day job that occupies your time nine months a year, a secluded vacation hideaway snugged up to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where you can pursue your hobby. And hookers, hookers, hookers! Just doesn’t get any better than that.

New Mexico's native flory.

17 thoughts on “David Flory: Physicist, Professor, PIMP!

  1. As for hobbies, licking postage stamps and rubbing two coins together seem to pale in comparison to the laws of physics and physiques.

  2. You know, if old Dave had his getaway in one of several Nevada counties we wouldn’t know or care about him. Of course Santa Fe is so much more civilized and sophisticated than any of those dreadful Nevada places (I have to say the Lake Tahoe area is really, really nice). Maybe he can brush up on his geography skills in the prison library.

  3. Holy cow Miss! Now the Secret Service is involved! They claim they’re interested in wire fraud! I didn’t realize Flory was using the telegraph to arrange dates. This gives a whole new meaning to the Candygram. What would you give to see the list of Johns, or the list of Hookers?

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