A President Responds to the Crisis in the Golf

Dear Mr. President: It’s spelled with and “U” not an “O.” G-U-L-F not G-O-L-F. Have you no shame?

PS: You might also want to remind your Chief of Flatulence Rahm Emanuel 1) that if he wants to give advice about PR, perhaps he should look first to the 18th hole instead of the Isle of Wight and 2) that as usual, the members of your administrative cabal focus their attention on illusion rather than reality. BP’s PR is the last thing the staff should be worrying about.* Save a little concern for the oil workers your administration has callously thrown out of their jobs.

*Unless, of course, they are planning ahead for the next time they put the bite on BP for campaign contributions.

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6 thoughts on “A President Responds to the Crisis in the Golf

  1. Seven dollar (or more) a gallon gasoline seems to be the ultimate goal in this sorry exercise, but the self loathing environmental martinets who know with an absolute clarity what’s good for you, me and all of humanity have made a teeny, weeny mistake.

    They’ve got this notion that they’ll continue to get their delicious and totally organic food while all the rabble who cling to their guns and bibles will be scrabbling for the last can of Dinty Moore beef stew in the Circle K.

    Make the cost of production realistic enough and the rubes and hicks actually driving the combines just might decide to keep what they grow. Because at seven dollars a gallon and who knows how much for diesel the rubes won’t be planting nearly as much and just might decide to take care of their own before shipping all their crops/live stock elsewhere.

    Of course we haven’t even touched upon what the gun clinging rubes might do if they were hungry enough. They might actually be willing to eat totally organic sprouts and arugula!

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