You Have to Read It to Believe It

When a college professor goes on a shooting rampage, it’s big news in the world of higher education. The following excerpt is from The Chronicle of Higher Education Newsletter:

Last updated February 13, 9:39 p.m., U.S. Eastern time

More Coverage: Twitter: Live Updates From Huntsville | Forum: Personnel Policies and Workplace Violence | From the Archives: Advice on Being Denied Tenure

A biology professor who the police say began shooting at a faculty meeting Friday afternoon has been charged with murder. Three professors were killed and three others wounded in the shooting at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

Please pay attention to the advice about where readers can find more coverage, and think about it in the context of the professoriate.

First up, Twitter. Any academic will tell you this is a reliable place to go for the facts.

Next up, a discussion about policies governing workplace violence. Typical, typical: a multiple homicide has just taken place, and the first thing the academic administrator will want to know is if his institution has a policy against murder. Presidents and provosts across this great land of ours will be burning the midnight oil and rousting their general counsels to make sure all policies, procedures, and processes are in order so that murderous assistant professors who might appear on campus are accorded their due process.

And finally, the best is last. A link to advice for those who have been denied tenure.

One woman is alleged to have committed the terrible crime of opening fire on a roomful of her colleagues, and the reaction of the Chronicle is to advise others not to follow her example. Words fail me.

3 thoughts on “You Have to Read It to Believe It

  1. Academia is filled with copycats, or plagiarists, whichever applies. Rest assured your college administration is on the job, protecting students and their tuition if fully paid.

  2. Well, she was progressive, so I guess it’s okay unless the people she killed were more progressive than she. IN that case, what she did is a no no. Kind of like the uni-bomber. WHat he did was understandable because he was so smart and progressive. Tim McVey is another story.

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